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 English translation

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Sleeping Steel

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PostSubject: English translation   Fri 14 Oct 2005 - 19:28

for the english speakers:

translation of some buttons:

envoyer = send
prévisualiser = preview

nouveau = new (message)
répondre = answer (message)

sujet = subject
gras = bold
citer = quote
soulig. = underline

membres = members
pas de nouveau message = no new message
rechercher = search
profil = profile
déconnexion = log out
connexion = log in

poster le sujet en tant que = post the subject as

sondage = survey
ajouter l'option = add the option
sondage pendant = survey during

Let the sun open your eyes and burn your soul...
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Servant of the Mist
Keeper of the Chronicles

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PostSubject: Re: English translation   Wed 10 May 2006 - 23:00

No bother anymore, the forum is in English now!
There! It is better that way, the French players are lazy anyway!

There is nothing like free will in this world, we are all puppets in the hands of Gods. The only choice you have is to submit to the Gods or to their servants.
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English translation
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