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PostSubject: Participation   Thu 8 Jun 2006 - 18:39

As you know, I'm not quite pleased with the participation at the campaign so far...

This talking exclude Katey and Jessica who are the only two who help me keeping a good rythm in this story. I wondered what is my part in this and what is laziness from you guys?

First, because of Forest Crane's "I have nothing to post", Silken Phoenix is likely to disappear soon from the storyline, he shall come back for important moments but he shall not go along with you the whole campaign.


Because I think you take his presence as an excuse to not doing the things yourselves, and you wait for him to tell you what to do. The man was supposed to be there only to help you in case you were totally lost.


You'll have to find out many things by yourselves and more important: a source of powerful healing will not be available for you anymore, and that will be a problem for characters like Moonlit River.

Second, untill I feel I don't have to force you to post, which is my feeling so far (and it is really dissatisfaying!), the one who had post the less at the end of a chapter will receive less experience point than the others. Of course this will disappear as soon as I feel you are eager to play and you are interested in the campaign as some are. If you are not a bit interested, better for you to resign...

Third, there will be no more waiting for characters to post... I'll wait a bit, then if you didn't post for your character I'll assume he or she doesn't do a thing and follow the one who does like a sheep.


That could lead your character to its death if it happens in a fight, that would make your characters less and less interesting to play as they will slowly began to be played by the Game Master for finally becoming Non Playing Characters and you won't be able to play them anymore.
Before that, your character's nature will shift to follower.


I really hope what happened in the first chapter was just because of circonstances, because, once again it takes a lot from me and this forum and adventure is my baby. I don't ask anybody to have the same engagement than me of course, I don't ask you to be as eager as I am, I only ask you to be interested: means reading the messages, post at least two or three times a week (more if you can), understand that you are not playing alone, for example, even if you posted a message two days ago and you know you're leaving for holidays, please connect and post before leaving, in this message put your character in a situation in which he won't have too many interactions...

Now we will all talk about that altogether and express ourselves, I'm still eager to play with you, but once again if you don't think you can offer what I ask from you (because you don't want to, because you don't want to give up this time...) you can give up. We will still be friends...

Another solution, as Jess asked me already, if the ones who play correctly want to play another character on the top of the one they already have I can think about it if you really want to.

Last thing: if some of you think their character is not interesting to play, tell me know, don't let a wrong character ruins your envy to play! We can still change some things, it is only the beginning of the campaign, it will be more difficult later...

There is nothing like free will in this world, we are all puppets in the hands of Gods. The only choice you have is to submit to the Gods or to their servants.
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