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PostSubject: Uniform   Thu 1 Dec 2005 - 16:03

All the Palace staff has the same uniform except for the quality and the colours. The basic welcoming staff is in long blue cotton robe. All staff members have a black lotus flower on the middle of their back. Most of the female staff has long hair carefully tidy and braided, male staff is usually short hair and always well shaved.

The Baths assistants are dressed in green cotton robes, while the artists are in red silk robes. The ones who take care of the heating system and all the technical aspects are dressed in black cotton robes with the lotus flower in white. Gardeners are dressed in grey robes and the “hidden staff” is dressed in white robes.

All the staff managers are dressed in yellow silk.

Finally the Palace’s guards wear armour, katana and yari spear and they have a robe on the top of their armour; this one is a very deep blue cotton one.

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