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 Artifacts and Hearthstones

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Silken Phoenix


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PostSubject: Artifacts and Hearthstones   Mon 27 Mar 2006 - 21:30

Staff of True Holiness

The artifact is a gnarled walking staff, carved in oak, it has no special symbols on it but two sockets for Hearthstones. It is an artifact level 3.
This object is of no use for character who are not priest of a religion (priest merit or zenith caste for example).

In the hand of a priest it is an instrument of awe and piety:

It adds 2 points to the charisma of the bearer.
It adds 3 points to the presence and performance abilities of the bearer.

for 5 motes:

It can detect any creature of darkness (demons, undeads, deathnights...) in a range of 10x(permanent essence of the bearer). The detection is not a passive one, it creates a dark whirling aura around the targeted creatures. This power can be countered by using 10 motes of essence.

for 10 motes:

It can radiate an aura of holiness around the bearer, any creature who wants to harm the bearer needs to roll a willpower check, if she fails she can only look with awe to the bearer. This power stacks with any other one of the same style like the presence charms of the solar exalted for example. In this case it adds one to the difficulty of the roll. When this power is used, the Staff becomes shining, the color or symbol of the bearer's cult appears all over it, it is impossible to mistake it.

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Artifacts and Hearthstones
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