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 Type of charms

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PostSubject: Type of charms   Sun 9 Apr 2006 - 2:59

To help you to understand better how to use your charms guys... You should be familiar with the next rule, it is really important.
Exalted is a game of combos, if you don't know how to use your character at 100% you'll be beaten all the time so take 15 min to read and understand what follows.
If there is something you don't get, respond to this message and I'll help (if I can...)

For the purpose of game mechanics, charms are divided in four types. A charm's type governs how often it can be used in a turn and if it requires the character's dice action or not. The four types of charms are:

simple: The charm can be used only once per turn, and it is the character's dice action for the turn. When using one of these charms in combat, the character acts on her regular initiative. The character may not split her dice pool in the turn she uses a simple charm.

Supplemental: The charm must be used to supplement a normal dice action. The charm can be used multiple times in one turn if the character splits his dice pool, but the charm cannot be used on its own, it must be use to supplement a dice action. Unless specifically stated otherwise, a supplemental charm can only aid an action involving the ability on which it is based.

Reflexive: The charm does not require a dice action, a character can use it as many times per turn as she wishes, even before her initiative, as long as she can continue to pay the charm's cost. Many reflexive charms can also be used as supplemental charms. For example, a reflexive dodge charm that allows the character to buy dice to evade an attack can be used on its own or to supplement a normal dodge action. Reflexive charms that also serve a supplemental role can be used both ways in the same turn.

Extra-action: This charm is very similar to a simple charm. By using this charm, the character may act multiple times in a single turn. As with a simple charm, the character may only use the charm once per turn and may not split her dice pool on any of the actions it grants. The character takes all her action on her initiative. Unless the charm specifically states otherwise, she must use the ability the charm is based on for all of the actions.

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PostSubject: Re: Type of charms   Mon 10 Apr 2006 - 22:00

In short :

You do only one thing in the turn : cast the charm.

Complement of another action (usually using the same ability), that can (but not must) be used on each and every action of the turn.

Reacts to another action, can be used as many times as needed.

Without splitting dice pool, gives so many extra-actions. But these actions cannot be splitted.

- Most charms can't be used alonside with another charm, except in a combo.
- About Supplemental & Reflexive charms : don't forget nothing's free : the more times you use a charm, the more essence and/or willpower you spend.
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Type of charms
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