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Silken Phoenix


Number of posts : 40
Age : 41
Player : Fabien
concept : Prophet
nature : Caregiver
Registration date : 2006-03-20

7/7  (7/7)
Personal pool:
22/22  (22/22)
Peripheral pool:
45/45  (45/45)

PostSubject: Career Profile   Sun 9 Apr 2006 - 18:47

Need to buy:

Last charm of Medicine
Charm of Presence to make people do as he says
Improving Lore skill
Improving Performance skill
Improving Resistance skill
Improving Socialize skill
Taking a specialty in Yu-Shan
Improving Valor
Imporving Temperance
Improving Essence score


paying for the two charms first, then saving half of the experience points in order to buy one extra dot of essence one day.

Your future is not decided yet, if you make that move nothing will stop the Holy Light of the Unconquered Sun to shine upon you. Go in peace my son...
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Career Profile
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