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 Immaculate Faith

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PostSubject: Immaculate Faith   Wed 19 Apr 2006 - 3:52

The Immaculate Philosophy

Although the intricacies of the Immaculate Philosophy are debated within the Order and the Dynasty and individual Immaculates have different understandings of the philosophy based on the Dragon they choose to emulate, a few fundamental tenets exist. While ignorant of many more details, citizens and peasants understand these tenets as the core of the philosophy:

Every soul walks enlightenment's road. A soul dies and is reborn many times, reaching a new state of enlightenment with each incarnation, unless it strays from the road. Wether the journey ends is Ultimate Exaltation or continues on forever, only the most enlightend Dragon-Blooded know.

To advance toward enlightenment, one must harness Essence; the more Essence one wield, the farther along the road one has traveled. The Dragons of the Elements controlled infinite Essence.

The Five Immaculate Dragons were the mortal incarnations of the Dragons of the Elements. From these five, the first Dragon-Blooded learned their charms.

The Dragons of the Elements were perfected beings, as enlightened as can be. Those who emulate their Immaculate incarnations follow the surest road to enlightenment.

The birth of a Dragon-Blood is not an accident, but the sign of a soul that has almost achieved the perfection experienced by the Dragons of the Elements. The Dragon-Blooded sit atop the Perfected Hierarchy so that they may guide others down enlightenment's road.

The Dragon-Blooded have reached Exaltation and must be respected. Lesser beings must always heed the Dragon-Blooded, for the Terrestrials cannot divert a soul from enlightenment's road.

Spirits exist, but one must not whorship them as gods. Likewise, individuals of low spiritual status must not pay them homage. Those who act in a worshipful fashion toward spirits or pay homage to them must spend time in the Underworld to prepare them for a more auspicious return in their next life. Only the Dragon-Blooded are advanced enough to deal with them and pay them due homage.

The Anathema who survived the Contagion dwell in the Threshold and the Wyld and seek to divert souls to heresy. The Realm must conquer these lands in order to purge them of the Anathema's heathen influence. All souls must be given the chance to return to enlightenment's road.

Heresy must be suppressed whenever it arises.

There is nothing like free will in this world, we are all puppets in the hands of Gods. The only choice you have is to submit to the Gods or to their servants.
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Immaculate Faith
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