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 One place, many works

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Sleeping Steel

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PostSubject: One place, many works   Thu 11 May 2006 - 0:20

The Palace of Hundred Lotus is a very busy place and a huge one as well. It is a perfect organisation and bureaucracy that makes it working! There are people to clean every room, there are cooks, more than a hundred all together, and there are messengers, engineers for bringing the hot water, carpenters, stonemasons, smiths… and never-ending list of workers.
Everything works because some people like Moonbeam keep an eye on everything, the Stewart trained over a dozen administrators to help him running the place, and these people take care of the deliveries, of the recruitment and many other tasks.
The most famous staff members are the artists: dancers, musicians, games players, masseurs, storytellers, actors and many others, they are all valued by the customers and their services are highly expensive.

Let the sun open your eyes and burn your soul...
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One place, many works
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