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 Japanese words

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PostSubject: Japanese words   Thu 11 May 2006 - 14:48

their will be many japanese or chinese words in the campaigns, first because Exalted is a manga-roleplaying game, second, because the Realm is designed to be a mixture of these two cultures, so, do not be afraid.

there are few words explained:

katana: japanese sword (like you can see in many animes and movies)
wakisashi: small japanese sword
daisho: katana+wakisashi, symbol of the samourai caste

torii: spirit gate, three elements (japanese spirituality loves the 3 as our culture), it is a gate which marks the limit between our world and the spirit world, walking through a torii, someone should clap hands three times to attract the spirits

kimono: traditional japanese robe, the commoners had cotton kimonos, rich people used to have silken ones

judo-gi: fighting suit

mon: circular symbol usually put on the back of any clothes, the mon gives an idea of who is the bearer and his family

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PostSubject: Re: Japanese words   Sat 13 May 2006 - 4:42

ooooh I forgot my favorite:

TETSUBO !!!!!!

oki a good image is better than hundred words... there is a tetsubo

There is nothing like free will in this world, we are all puppets in the hands of Gods. The only choice you have is to submit to the Gods or to their servants.
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Japanese words
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